Apple, How To Make New Customers Pay

I love Apple me.

They say an Apple a day keeps the doctor away – but the debt doctor often calls.

This weekend, I was asked to find a certain DVD (“Goodnight Mr Tom”) and the inevitable searching made me ruminate.

Sometimes, when I watch a PG or U film, a deeper meaning can often be discerned, but not that often – I can, in fact, count on one hand, the number of kids’ films I’ve seen at the cinema with this sublayer.

Toy Story 3 resonated with me – partly because I’d read a review linking it with the Holocaust – Sunnyside Nursery is effectively a metaphor for a concentration camp and that dramatic denouement, heading into fire, had frightening historical undertones. Once linked with the Holocaust, that masterly film can’t be disconnected – in my opinion anyway.

Wall.E is another with its apocalyptic satirisation of mass consumerism.

Three years before Wall.E, Robots covered similar ground – how robots are made deliberately defunct in terms of the availability of spare parts so upgrading is necessary.

I’m sure there’s others too but these three chime the most with me.

I found the John Thaw classic and decided randomly to go to Norwich, because of email marketing.

You see, my insatiable appetite for gadgets had been whetted by emails from Apple about the new iMac Pro and new mid sized iPad Pro.

Now I’ll come clean here – I wear those Apple iOS blinkers night and day. I wouldn’t countenance any other desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet device.

Yes, they’re overpriced and arguably under-specced but they just work and look beautiful (apart from Apple TV).

I entered the Apple Chapel with fervour, indeed tingling with expectation, at the thought of touching new tech.

Except I didn’t – it was same old, same old.

Two months ago, I bought an iPad Pro cellular for my roving social media role with enough memory to future-proof it. A month ago, I bought a 27 inch iMac Retina for my home office and to build websites, with Paul, who is similarly locked in the Apple jail.

They are to be superseded – a Genius told me – but not til “Fall”. I ignored the SoCal choice of phrase in deepest Norfolk and went to look at the upgrades to the iMac.

Nothing has changed – except the internals – where I spotted a 1TB Fusion Drive is now standard on the entry 27 iMac, which annoyed me, as I’d paid for the second model for this.

First world problems.

The new iMac Pro was invisible as was the 10.5 inch iPad Pro, so I left feeling both relieved and deflated.

Sipping coffee though in the city, I started googling release dates and noticed that Apple’s iOS is imminent – but – and this is a big but – older Apple hardware cannot have that software update.

It’s Robots all over again.

You may say, with justification, that Apple and other companies are right to encourage upgrades – it’s a successful business and is designed to rake money in, with people like Paul and I, not batting an eyelid at costs and specs.

My mind then went off tangentially as it does and I started thinking about web design, content and social media – our mantra, our logo words.

When was the last time you looked objectively, dispassionately and critically at your own website design, content and social media strategy?

I’m sure it looked great, like the Apple iPhone 3GS did on its release 8 years ago this week, but does it now?

Is it rendered for mobile use? Does the design scream 2017 or 2013? Is your social media driving traffic to your website? Is the content fresh and engaging?

What you don’t want is to be running a business, with an online presence that is so 2012.

You need a great website with some future-proofing built in.

You need to contact us to build you a new website fit for 2017 and in 7 days – and before autumn.

Yes we are quicker than Apple, though not as expensive.






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