We can all be an “entrepreneur” in 2018.

Entrepreneur – up there with reaching out, gurus, blue sky thinking, growth hackers, ninja, synergy and LinkedIn influencer – for making the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. We all know that the entrepreneurs glibly paraded in front of Lord Sugar weekly, are really hired hands to either answer the phone when he asks the candidates back in or cleaners at that empire of losers, the Bridge café.

There is something cringeworthy, don’t you agree about the very word entrepreneur?

And yet.

In all honesty, we can all become self-employed and freelance with entrepreneurial spirits as we move into 2018.

The internet has allowed this to happen for each and everyone of us – if you have the motivation, the ideas and the initial financial support to make a foggy ambition into a translucent venture.

Being self-employed means you can rise and shine every day, knowing that you are working for yourself and your family and not that boss with his big car and big foreign holidays.

All you need is a plan.

When we began 321 Websites, I must admit I thought long and hard about partnership – because usually partnerships sink ships; there can be tensions string from a perception that the other is not pulling their weight and the partner may feel the same about you.

Starting as a sole trader is less fraught with potential problems but you may not have the skillsets to go solo.

I have as a writer – hence Get Pro Copy – but as a designer?

Don’t make me laugh.

That’s why 321 Websites has been successful – the partnership and skill sets meld perfectly together.

In April, we set ourselves a target of one website per month up to the end of 2017. We have a combined age of 88 so enough wisdom to not go overboard with growth targets.

We’ve surpassed that target of 8 quite easily and we may even be approaching 20 website builds by Christmas.

Next year, we’re hoping to double that to 40 over 12 months.

Now there’s loads of web design competition out there – but I believe we have a few aces up our sleeves:

  1. We don’t charge you silly agency prices for websites.
  2. Office hours don’t exist – seven days is a promise not a vague soundbite.
  3. Paul designs, Stuart writes and does social, meaning delays for your start-up or rebrand are minimised.
  4. You can trust us implicitly.
  5. We’re excellent at what we do as we are small business owners ourselves who know how to set up, run and expand a business. We can help you.
  6. We walk the walk, not like many companies who assert blogging and social media is vital, when their last published article was in 2015 and their last tweet in 2012. Not made up either. You check out whether we have social proof.
  7. You’re dealing with two motivated partners who have invested time, energy and money into a web design company which is still only 8 months old.

Back to the opening.

If you are fed up with working for others, suffering that commute and that workplace, do something about it.

Set up a business – work at making it a success – because you get the financial rewards.

Trust us too, we are both freelance and would never go back to employment.

Entrepreneur is what we like being called.

With a big dose of irony.

Want to know more?

Give us a bell.



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