Lord, won’t you buy me a BMW?

Upfront and honest – that’s us; fiercely loyal to the British car industry?


We drive German cars.

Paul has a Mercedes Benz; Stuart has just recently discovered the joys of BMW.


It’s not because of any aversion to British, French, Spanish, American, Swedish, Korean or Japanese cars, it’s because we like them.

We like our Mercedes and our BMWs.

Paul says:

“I like the feel and quality of the build of a Mercedes. They drive really well and I personally feel safe driving mine. In terms of comfort these cars have it all I class mine as luxury with all the mod cons too!”

Stuart says:

“I like having a CD player and that build quality, after a lifetime of buying other marques, is unbeatable. The 2 Series Active Tourer is perfect too for a man of my advanced years in terms of accessibility for when I return perspiring from the daily gym visit.”

It could be worse – you may think – we could be declaring our love for Audi, the tailgating terrors of motorways.

But we don’t prejudge – we’re an inclusive design duo who will openly welcome Audi drivers for websites, social media marketing or copywriting.

We don’t see this tailgating either because Norfolk has no motorways – fact.

But why do we choose to drive these two particular German marques when there’s so many to pick from?

Is it badge snobbery?

Is it that warm complacency that stems from sitting in a Beemer or Merc?

Is it because we have brand blinkers on?


Nope again.

We choose to drive BMWs and Mercedes cars for one main reason: build quality.

We choose iPhones and iMacs to work on for the same reason.

If you were to choose a new website, would you go for a big branded firm or pick build quality from us?

321 Websites are no BMW or Mercedes in terms of brand – but the build quality in terms of design by Paul, content and social media by Stuart, is up there with BMW and Mercedes.

We are biased of course; we do wear 321 blinkers.

Trust us to deliver, just as we trust our Mercedes and BMW to deliver us comfortably on life’s journeys!

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