How’s 2017 been for this business start up?

You never know, with any certainty, do you, whether a business idea, put into action, will survive and thrive.

We had few doubts that this business proposition of 321 Websites – Design, Content, Social – with a 7 day promise would not fail, but succeed.

Despite my age and obvious cynicism, I suspected we were on to a winner, because few design agencies offer that three way service at such speed or price point.

If we need to build a website, create tweets, set up social media profiles on Sunday at 9.00 pm, so be it. We don’t hang up a Closed sign and stick emails on Out of Office reply or ignore the phone calls as we’re hungry for success – have you seen the size of my belly?

You see, when it’s your business, when you’re garnering plaudits and pay for a partnership, you don’t mess around.

I think another reason why people have trusted us with their start-up business or website revamp is because we’ve proven that we can “walk the walk” having set up our own successful businesses before and this one now.

So what has happened in 2017?

Quite a lot actually.

Firstly, Paul and Stuart’s partnership has not only survived but thrived, proving that if you have an idea, work hard at delivering something high quality, you will find clients and repeat clients.

We’ve also formed a business relationship with Richard Crisp, an author, and founded Man Stress.

We’ve built this city on rock and roll … sorry … I mean we’ve built 14 websites with possibly a few more to add before Christmas.

To put that in context, we set a target of one per month as a start-up and have exceeded that target comfortably.

From January, in the year of the dog, 2018, as two owners of Border Collie crosses, we anticipate even greater things.

No one in 2017 has expressed disappointment with our work, in terms of quality or speed of execution, and as the new year beckons and all that new year, new me clichéd mutterings, think about whether you’d like to start your own business, unshackle yourself from work, or redesign an old website that we will make look the dogs’ in the Year of the Dog.

Want to know more?

Get in touch today, or Saturday or Sunday – we respond.

You can trust Paul and Stuart of 321 Websites.

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