Why we offer a USP of Design, Content, Social

This is how website designers generally work: you give them a brief, explain your target audience, decide which questions you’re aiming to answer for web visitors and the designer or design team crack on building the site, with significant input from you.

Web designers are generally not writers. They can build the platform but they’ll ask you as a client, to provide copy.

Cue: inertia.

You’re paying big money for a design but you’re expected to produce all the content, in the right brand voice and register, in snippets that will fit symmetrically in those text containers.

I know this for a fact.

This is where 321 Websites differ from others. We don’t harangue you for copy, ask you to add 20 words or remove five words, so it sits well on your About page.

We do that, in tandem.

Paul builds, I write the content.

That’s why our streamline is Design | Content | Social.

We design and produce great content.

The third strand is Social.

You ask any web company about social media and they’ll likely stay to you – “yes, we’ll embed the links for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram but please email us the URLs.”

You may be social media savvy, an avid tweeter or you may be mystified by it all and have no idea how to get an established business or a new one, visited from social media.

We do know our social media onions though.

Paul and I are adept with social media and even have certificates to show for it (they’re on the sides of our fridges). We know what to post, and when to post, to get that traffic (and your buyers) on your website.

That makes us different too.

You see, most web design companies design and consult you, ask for you to send copy and social media links, and when the website is handed over and the money received, will only be there to support with any technical issues.

We’re different.

We offer a free month’s support to iron out any glitches, but we also build and run whatever social media avenues you want for one week up to one month. You’re effectively coached in that time in good social media practice so your website makes a digital impact.

We don’t charge any extra for you commissioning a web designer, a writer and a social media expert, to build or revive that online presence.

It’s standard.

We host your website too for a year, can update and back it up on one of our care plans and you can even buy into WordPress training (from March), copywriting, email marketing (through Campaign Monitor) and extend the social media marketing.

Want to know more?

Email us now: info@321websites.co.uk and one of us will respond within minutes – you can trust Paul and Stuart of 321 Websites.



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