Why 321 Websites are different

We all know that when you’re looking for a product or service, two things spring to mind: quality and speed.

You want a high quality builder, plumber, solicitor, tutor, dentist, who you can trust but the problem is that high quality, trustworthy professionals have waiting lists.

It’s the same with web design, copywriting, social media marketing and photography.

Here in Norfolk and across the UK, great web designers, copywriters, marketers and photographers are in demand.

A test for you.

Ring any web company and ask them to build you a new website, or revise your existing one, and ask them what the timescale is.

We reckon that no-one locally or nationally will deliver what we say.

You give us the brief, the types of pages you want, the logo and colours, we create the website.

The domain name, the hosting, the email addresses, all the content and social media platforms set up and running in one week.

7 days.

Not 7 working days.

7 days.

Easy as 321.

You provide a brief, we quote a price and you can choose to pay us 100% upfront, or an initial set up fee with a 24 monthly payment.

Whether you’re a start-up, or an established company, you will have a fully functioning WordPress site created for you in 7 days.

Dependent on the package chosen, you will get:

  1. The domain
  2. Web hosting
  3. Website backup & restore
  4. Website updates & maintenance
  5. WordPress training
  6. Blog posting and coaching
  7. Social media set up
  8. Social media management and coaching
  9. Copywriting
  10. Logo design

For one fixed amount

How do we manage it?

Simple really.

Paul is an experienced web designer and photographer; Stuart is an experienced copywriter and social media expert.

Both Paul and Stuart are freelance, meaning your website is guaranteed to be up and running in 7 days.

No gimmicks, no catches, no cutting of corners.

You pay, we deliver.

It’s as easy as 321, then you’re ready for lift off, as a business.

You can trust and rely on 321 Websites. Why?

Our philosophy

We are two freelance creative professionals, who have formed a business to serve you the customer in terms of both quality and speed.

Paul is an established web designer with his own company.

Stuart is an established copywriter and social media manager, with his own business.

This partnership has been formed because Paul and Stuart have similar values and similar ways of working – quickly, with no excuses, meeting deadlines to produce fully built responsive websites that you can be proud of.

There’s no dealing with agency staff who come ago – drop an email to paul@321websites.co.uk or stuart@321websites.co.uk and judge for yourselves with the prompt replies whether you’d like to do business with us.

We know you will.

Why wouldn’t you?

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