Digital marketing back in 1983 – how things change

Digital marketing is a fairly recently coined phrase.

Marketing has been around for centuries though and if you’re of a certain age, you may recall with fondness the Yellow Pages TV adverts from yesteryear which became embedded in many people’s psyches.

Paul and Stuart can both remember these vividly (despite the age gap).

Iconic ones like Mr Hartley forgetting his jam empire and trying to find a copy of his fly-fishing book; that nerdy dude who throws a party in his parents’ absence and is agog to see a table vandalised (and then artwork) or the one where dad buys a racing bike for son and it ends with “I was right about that saddle.”

You see, Yellow Pages, the BT Phone Book and Thomson Local were the 80s and 90s equivalent of Google.

Delivered twice yearly with a memorable thud on a hall floor, it was quite an important event as the internet wasn’t in wide use.

All three still exist in print and digital format, but who reaches for a 1000 page directory when you have Google and who really uses a home landline in these days of Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp video calling and FaceTime?

We certainly don’t.

If a web design partnership, with a combined age of 88, doesn’t use print to search, you can bet your bottom dollar that your customers won’t either.

That’s why you need a strong online presence:

  • A great website that is user-friendly, fast to load and attractive.
  • Content that compels people to stay on your website.
  • Social media strategies that drive people to look at your website and content.

We can help – follow these steps:

  1. Take a first step back and look at your business.
  2. Look and think about what you’d like to achieve.
  3. Assess objectively how that online presence appeals.
  4. Check your digital presence on mobile and tablets.
  5. Look at rivals.

Now you might say everything is hunky dory in your digital marketing strategy – or you may decide it’s not.

What you don’t want is your digital marketing presence to look as dated as say Ceefax or a VCR.

The world moves on apace, and nowhere more so, than online.

You want to know how fast marketing changes?

Watch these adverts from 1983, 1985 and 1991:

JR Hartley

Racing bike

French polisher 

Then decide if it’s time for you to rethink?











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