Great landscape ideas for your home and garden

I’m going to break rules now and date this post: ready?

It’s October 2017.

Done it. Said it. Phew.

Why we don’t date blog posts is because we don’t want you stumbling across this in July and clicking away as you think it’s irrelevant.

It’s not – trust us.

October may mean gardens are heading into slumber as days shorten and nights lengthen but from around Boxing Day (oh no another date marker) light levels increase and by March as daffodils and tulips are in full splendour, you’re thinking of your garden again as an outside room.

As a landscape gardener, a builder, a nursery, your busiest months lie ahead: in spring and summer.

In other words, plan ahead from now to spring.

Why do you think supermarkets, garden centres and nurseries are teeming with spring bulbs? You put the work in now – plant them – and they bloom later.

Not dissimilar to launching a business?

To this end, we’ve walked the walk and developed a lovely little Landscape website which you can view here.

Appropriately too, given the opening premise of this post, it’s niftily subtitled “Future Foundations”.

Now if you’re a business specialising in gardens, you may want to think about planting a better online presence.

A large landing page, with vibrant red tulips, like the one we’ve built as an example, may light your fire.

This one has a comprehensive presence with six pages and four social media platforms – which we can customise for your needs. Our sample site is branded with the 321 logo but we are paired up with a fantastic graphic designer who will create a bespoke logo for you and your business which we can add on to the new website and social media platforms.

The Landscape example has the usual suspects – Home, About, Projects, How It Works, Blog and Contact – and we can reword and reorder any of these to fit your requirements.

None of our websites look the same – we guarantee that – but they do all have things in common: meticulous attention to design detail, all content created and social media built in and managed not bolted on, as an afterthought.

So whether you’re a horticulturist, a garden designer, a plant lover, take a long look at landscape and feel free to contact us if you have a big idea you’d like to launch – yes even in October.



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