Why LinkedIn is brilliant for take-off (and landing clients)

LinkedIn is Marmite: loved or loathed, or quietly ignored?

Facebook for grown ups?

Or a serious networking tool?

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LinkedIn, if you didn’t know already, was bought by Microsoft recently and its updates caused fearful angst amongst its users.

Paul and myself are power users (and feel free to connect with one or both of us) because it’s a marvellous social media platform.


Here’s some reasons:

  1. LinkedIn company page. You can have a personal profile and become admin for company pages you set top and post to, with the aim of expanding Follows of your page and using it to post updates from. We have one – it’s in our header and footer icons and you’d be welcomed to follow 321 Websites on LinkedIn.
  2. Networking. If you remember back to school, you may have studied “To Kill A Mockingbird”, Harper Lee’s classic fiction. With LinkedIn, you can network remotely, a bit like “Boo Radley” did in that novel. You don’t have to leave your office, your home, your chair to make connections. You can become a virtual recluse! Perfect for start-ups who are inundated with tasks.
  3. Status updates. Like Facebook, or Twitter, you can post updates on LinkedIn, with one photo only. There’s arguably favoured times to post (7 am, Tuesday to Thursday, are apparently optimum scheduling slots). You can post URLs or links and not be penalised by LinkedIn algorithms (unlike Facebook). You can’t go Live, but you can use it as a publishing platform when you “write an article”.
  4. Commenting and tagging. Like everything in life, you get out what you put in and LinkedIn is no exception. You can be a client net-twitcher, reading and not commenting, posting the occasional name tag and like or you can go full throttle and increase your connections, audience and following by being active, or hyperactive. A middle way is recommended – an hour a day is perfect for posting, interacting, liking and commenting.
  5. Messaging. When you connect, or someone connects with you, it’s good practice to send a message. Not one of those robot messages you get for following on Twitter and sometimes Instagram, but a personalised one. Not a sell, sell, sell one, but a thanks for connecting with some warmth thrown in. People do business with people they like and all your social media interactions, including LinkedIn, need to make you likeable or even loveable.


At 321 Websites, we build your website, your content and your social and, if a LinkedIn personal and company page, would suit you and your audience demographics, we can create one and coach you how to use it regularly to connect – and hopefully become likeable.





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