Marketing magic with this Norwich web design team

Norwich web design team makes sense of marketing.

Bold claim?

Let us explain …

Ordinarily, when you commission a website to be built (and we know because we’ve commissioned and built websites for others) you get in touch with a web designer – whether that’s Norwich, Nottingham or Newquay by Googling – and begin research.

We all do it.


The first question I’d pose is does the geographical location matter?

Does a web designer have to be based in your home town of Lincoln, Leeds or Leatherhead, given the ready access to communication tools like Skype, FaceTime, email, What’s App.

You may want to support a small business, a local business and that’s laudable.

You may want quality, cost-effective pricing and a comprehensive digital marketing package and that’s where we come in.

Paul lives in Norwich and the web design business is based there, me (Stuart) lives on the east coast of Norfolk and writes and manages social media remotely at the end of the Acle Straight (A47).

So to all intents and purposes, we’re a Norwich web design company, a Norfolk digital marketing partnership but don’t let location influence your choice.

Let our philosophy.

Here goes.


You look at How it Works, you Choose a Website, or go bespoke and then contact us for a chat.

Now this is where we’re different from many web designers and marketing companies in Norwich, Newark or Northampton.

We not only design your site to your requirements, we write the content (all of it) and manage your social media, from one week to one month, depending on the package you choose.

So let’s exemplify.

You have a beauty business, you know you need a website, you know you want social media, a contact form, a price list and an online booking system.

You tell us, we begin, with you browsing our 8 web designs that are on the website already and saying what you like and don’t like, letting us research rivals, collate keywords and analyse search volumes to create the web content. Your audience may be power users of Facebook and Instagram – we build those pages for you and manage them.

The website is launched, but our work doesn’t end.


Our social media strategies drive traffic to your new site, reducing the bounce rate and improving your Google analytical standing.

A blog post, once a week, makes sure customers, revisit your website and establishes you as a new leader in your field.

Most web designers don’t do that – you pay for the logo, the design, the building of sliders and contact forms and you’re left to provide the wording and the digital marketing strategy to accelerate its growth.

So you’ve got a big idea?

Or you know your current landing page / website is stale, outdated, static and unloved?

You last tweeted 3 months ago?

You’ve little idea of when best to post on Facebook and Instagram and design posts to attract and retain customers.

321 Websites do all this and well.


Paul is a fantastic web designer, Stuart is an accomplished writer and social media expert (I don’t use fantastic for myself as it’s a bit immodest).

You browse our website, look at ones we’ve designed like Hogan’s Fast Sale and Robert Hall’s and make a decision and the decision should ask:

Do I want a website like this, designing with all content and social media created and managed, with site maps submitted, care plans, domain hosting from a company with customer satisfaction at its heart?

Do I want a transparent pricing structure, with it all ready in 7 days?

Do I trust Paul and Stuart, of 321 Websites, to deliver?


If you want to ask other questions, to inform that decision, contact this Norwich web design and marketing company today.

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