Starting up a business – easy if you know how?

Paul and Stuart have each set up successful freelance businesses and we’d say we know a little bit about how to go about it so it soars and doesn’t belly flop after a month. It’s why offer a triumvirate package of design, content and social, to get your new business off to a flyer (yes we design them too).

So what are the steps we hear you say?

  1. PASSION. Find something you’re passionate about – because if you enjoy doing a certain thing, you’re inevitably more motivated to make it work. Passion though has to monetise. Otherwise it’s a hobby. Find something you love doing that people will pay you to do – whether that’s a product or service and make sure there’s longer term demand for it.
  2. DOMAIN. Get a domain name sorted out – no word of a lie, it took us a month of collective headscratching for us to come up with our name 321 Websites as it encapsulates what we do with a strapline of Design, Content and Social to spell it out.
  3. DESIGN. Find a web designer who is reputable, affordable, with a portfolio showcasing their designs and some positive reviews on LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook pages.
  4. MARKETING. Ask a web design firm how they will promote your website products and services from Coming Soon to going live. Do they have a firm grasp of SEO and SMM? That’s Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing. Which platforms do they recommend – or should you have a blended marketing approach across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc, or are they a bit unsure of it all?
  5. BLOGS. Do the company who are going to produce your site understand the importance of content marketing and blogging. Do they recommend a Blog tab or its it something you have to mention? Will they produce some to set you off and coach you in adding new posts, and filling in the keywords, categories, tags and metadescriptions to get your website spinning weekly with new content.
  6. OTHER SERVICES. You are probably unsure where to go for headed letter paper, email signatures, business cards, PDF brochures and leaflets. Does the web design company offer to help you out? Or advise you to look elsewhere? We have a handy All Services page for you to browse too.
  7. AFTERCARE SUPPORT. The website is launched, but there’s glitches in the contact form, the email account on your iPhone, rendering of the site on mobile etc. Does your website company respond promptly to iron out glitches? Or quietly ignore your emails and phone calls?

Finally, Paul and Stuart are both the digital equivalents of Santa’s Little Helpers, but we work every day. We are naturally helpful. We don’t want you to feel disappointed with your new website in any way, shape or form.

You can trust us to deliver a digital platform, with great content, a successful social media strategy and be on hand when you need us.

Starting up a business is easy if you know how.

We can help you be successful.


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