A design for life, and I’m not manically preaching

We expect you’ve noticed our snazzy web design examples on Choose Your Site and we’re adding more all the time – two new ones are coming soon.

This week, we had an email from June Featherbed of Tunbridge Wells, asking us to clarify designs.

She asked, in all seriousness, if she should pick Clean, Sleep or House as she liked elements of all three – and Mrs Featherbed’s email prompted reflection and debate on each of the 8 designs and with it, a less than subtle plug, of the ones we offer.

Here goes:

  1. Aperture. Mrs Featherbed liked the concept of Aperture. We do too – it’s mainly aimed at creative photographers and designers who are looking for a visually arresting website, with stunning photography at its core. Mrs F was asked if she took photos and she said she’d not had the last film developed so we advised her to move on.
  2. Beautiful. The client wasn’t too keen on this as she had a bit of a phobia of dentists, she told us. We pointed out that beauty and health professionals have raved about it and its neat symmetry but Mrs F was not to be swayed and moved the conversation quickly on to Clean.
  3. Clean.This really lit Mrs Featherbed’s fire – she called it Peng at one point, which delighted us, though she pointed out that she could never drink black coffee from an orange cup and could we change the slider? She was a bit concerned too that her big idea would come emblazoned with our logo as it’s on every design portfolio. It took some time to explain that these were just examples to stop other companies stealing our ideas and to promote our brand. “Peng” she said again, which we assumed meant she understood.
  4. Foodie. “Not a great fan of salmon” were her first words when shown this design, though she did say she’d pick Seafood Medley and Paella off the sample menu, which seemed a bit at odds with her statement. She was quite fond of the black and orange theme colours, which again we ignored after her reflections on the coffee cup on Clean.
  5. House. She loved this design and said she’d snapchat the link to her neighbour, who drives a Mini, so must be an estate agent. She was keen to view the main slider but we did indicate it wasn’t for sale – it’s the website design that has a For Sale board. “The Instagram link doesn’t work” was her only criticism – until we pointed out that we build those social media links as part of our packages.
  6. Lifestyle. By now, five designs in, we were on with first name terms with the client. June liked this one but asked what is a blog? We told her – a web log, a short article of 300 words. She seemed to understand and I was about to start on Content Marketing strategies but held back. We told her a blog is a news item that you can share on social media and when you update it weekly or monthly, traffic increases. She didn’t like the sound of congestion – Tunbridge is awful with traffic she said. We nodded and moved on.
  7. Sleep. June liked this one a lot, but asked if the menu bar could be moved to the top from the left. “Course” we said. She asked too about online booking forms and links to Trip Advisor and other authority sites – “we can sort that yes, June.” We think she wanted Sleep.
  8. Writer. No, she emphatically said. She liked the sunrise image but the yellow reminded her of custard so no. We did point out that we could produce it in another colour palette for her, and she hesitated.

So, which web design did June Featherbed choose?

Sorry, we respect client confidentiality, so we can’t say and anyway she doesn’t exist – well, only in our minds.

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June, Paul and Stuart would love you to.


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