Why working for yourself beats any other job

Self-employment, freelance, remote working –  call it what you will – but we’ll tell you straight; it’s the best job in the world. 

You must have been in the same situation I have where you think “I’d like this job, if it wasn’t for the boss.” Yes? I’d sooner work for less money for a great boss than earn more working for a micro-manager, a bully, a robot. Wouldn’t you?

The best boss of all though is you.

You can decide when you want to work, what you want to do and whether to say Yay or Nay to an offered assignment.

You can walk the dog, eat out, watch your kids’ Nativity play, have a snooze, join a gym without guilt because you control your business.

The digital age has made it easy too: all you need is a domain name, a website, an idea and the motivation to make things happen.

I did it 2 years ago with my initial writing business, and Paul longer.

We came together as designer and writer as our skill sets, work ethic and motivation are equal.

Paul works tirelessly, as do I, but we’re equal and he never mutters those dreaded words “Have you got a minute?” and neither do I with him.

Don’t get us wrong, we disagree, but there’s no undercurrent that one is working harder than the other (I know he is anyway, but he is younger than me!)

The point is though is that we set this business up 6 months ago, expecting a few website designs to appear over year one, but we’ve actually hit double figures and have more in that fabled pipeline, so beloved, along with synergy, amongst LinkedIn bores.

Admittedly this website cost us virtually nothing as Paul designed it and I populated content and social. It took 6 weeks to build but we didn’t pay each other for that time.

We knew it was worth investing in and so it’s proved.

You see, ask any web designer to knock up a website with all content and they’ll run a mile; ask any copywriter to design a website and they’ll scarper too.

That’s why 321 Websites has been a success – you’ve not only got two dedicated, skilled professionals running it, but a pair with motivational levels that don’t sag, that don’t say “I’ve had enough”, who are no strangers to working hard 7 days a week, without wearing the T shirt proclaiming it.

That motivation comes from doing a job well and being told so in reviews and doing something we love, without the shackles and leg-irons of a workplace and bosses.

2017 and 2018 is redolent with opportunity for anyone wanting to break free – all you need is an idea, a website domain and a business that will hold your hand in the first month and beyond.

You know the drill?

Get a website designed, with all content and social, for less than a week abroad, when you’re recharging batteries from your workplace.

If I was offered 50k, 100k, 200k tomorrow – la la land I know – to go to work, I’d say “And lose all this?”

Running your own business is priceless.

Trust us.

We know.

Become your own boss and begin working for yourself – to make you content and healthy, and not feed the profits of some corporation, or fund that new car or bigger house for your boss. 


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